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About Us
In this page you will find information about our company, and why we are your best bet when it comes to Real estate in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, planning your next vacation, or purchasing your home in paradise. there is even a bit about our history.
Feel free to read on, if you want to learn about who we are, our history, our policy, and our locations.

Who we are
Cancun Vacation & Homes is a hands on company dedicated to the requirements, services, and consulting needs of property owners in the entity. We provide assistance with the FM3 visas, Property Management, translation of documents, refurbishing, interior decorating, hotel reservations, Real Estate (sales and resale), private transportation from and to the airport, private and local tours, housekeeping, vacation rental and long-term rentals. For further information feel free to contact us

Our greatest satisfaction as well as our greatest advertising, has allways been the recommendation of our customers. Take a look at some of the opinions of some of our customers:
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Our History
We started in the travel and tourism industry in 1985 then extended our services to property management and real estate in 1997. Our clients are satisfied and now after twenty years they are no longer our clients but our friends. We still keep in touch with some of them after all these years. This is the great satisfaction we have for the way we do business. Our mission is 100% client satisfaction. We work with responsibility and honesty and we look out for our client’s best interest. Our motto is: Treat people the way you would like to be treated.
Our policy
The most important person in our company is you, our client and your satisfactions is what matters to us. Our service is custom made, not every client has the same needs and we adjust to your needs. This flexibility makes us unique in the business as our services are not limited to one specific area but to the wide variety that comes with owning, managing, upkeep, furnishing and maintaining a property. In addition to the several necessity that this entails like housekeeping, grocery list shopping, interior decorating, and obtaining the best deals and prices in town.

Our locations

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