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Shipping and importation services to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera | Cancun Vacations & Homes
Have something to ship? Cancun Vacation & Homes is the answer whether it is residential or commercial by sea, air, or land. We give you the best rates, routs and pre-shipping quotes from Canada the United States to Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.

Details & Points of interest about shipping
There are several points of interest for you to be aware of before shipping your furniture from the US or Canada to Cancun.

  • If the furniture is new, you will need an invoice from the store where you bought the furniture, NOT a slip but an invoice and a Certificate of Origin for the furniture, which the store has to provide.

  • Used furniture for your home in Cancun DO NOT require to pay taxes. For more information on this matter, contact us.

  • Port of exit of all goods should be from Miami, Florida this would ensure that the port of entry is Puerto Morelos (25 minutes from Cancun). This does not mean that the goods cannot be shipped from any port whether it is Canada or the United States the importance of this is that if the shipping leaves any other port the goods will go to Veracruz another state 12 hours away from Cancun or to Progreso in the state of Yucatan 4 hours away from Cancun. Shipping out of Miami, Florida is less expensive, faster, and ultimately convenient.

  • Once you have your invoice and certificates of origin, we will give you a quote of the entire cost, taxes, customer broker, transportation, and delivery to the condominium and our fees.

  • The Certificate of Origin must have the name, signature, and logo of the manufacturer or store where the goods were purchased.

  • The invoice must contain description of the items, unitary price, total price, origin, the physical address of the manufacturer or store (not a P.O. Box), and tax ID.

  • Do not ship ceramic, textiles (beddings, towels, clothes, etc.) alcohol, shoes or toys made in China. The tariff on these items can be up to 500% of the original cost.

  • Other items that are NOT to be shipped along with the furniture are food, medicine, medical instruments, shoes, and alcohol.

  • Avoid sending personal items that are not documented, these can be shipped but require special treatment and are exempt of taxes.

  • What is the Certificate of Origin? Said document certifies where the goods were manufactured. As you know, Mexico has a National Free Trade Association (NAFTA) with 42 countries in three continents.

  • Countries in the NAFTA treaty have much lower taxes. This does not mean that you cannot ship goods manufactured in other countries that are not in the treaty, it means that if the goods come from countries NOT in the treaty taxes and tariffs apply making the import value higher.

  • Once the goods arrive at the Puerto Morelos port we take over and our job is finished when the container is at your home or business to be unloaded.

  • We can also recommend the shipping company we work with in Miami, Florida. The ship leaves on Monday morning and arrives on Wednesday afternoon and it takes five working days to liberate the goods from customs.

  • The countries in the NAFTA treaty with Mexico are:

    • United States
    • Canada
    • Colombia
    • Venezuela
    • Costa Rica
    • Bolivia
    • Nicaragua
    • Chile
    • European Community (25 countries)
    • El Salvador
    • Guatemala
    • Honduras
    • Iceland
    • Israel
    • Norway
    • Liechtenstein
    • Switzerland
    • Uruguay

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